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A gif of Clover Cookie from Cookie Run:Kingdom. He is holding is lute and looking to the right.

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A transparent image of R. Suzuki from Doko Demo Issyo. He has a hand to his mouth with a thinking expression.

Welcome to SKETCH-ON-THE-WEB!! This is my site where I put my stuff and talk about things. Have fun, stay a while!! And make sure to say hi to Molasses ^_^

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most recent [3/19/23] adding more to mainpage , planning to FINALLY make the figures page as well as revamp illustrations page. also there's an about now so if you wanna know about me there's that

An image of an anthropromorphic cat at a desk. They are typing on the computer.


Hello and hi!! ^_^ I'm Sketch (they/him pronouns, please and thank you!) I'm just a dude who likes to make stuff.

My main thing is art. I've loved doing it ever since I've started, designing characters and writing stories.. it's really fun. I absolutely adore it when a character I make takes on a life of their own... haha.

As a hobby, I really like to collect merch and stuff. I particularly like to collect Hatsune Miku figures, as she's really easy to find and the wide arrange of choices makes it easy to find one I really like. Aside from her, I also like dolls and articulated figures.

If you wanna see more of me or my stuff, I have a carrd!!

☆ APRIL 26 2022 - FOREVER!!! probably ☆

An image of Yotsuba in a watercolor style. She is holding a vanilla ice cream in her right hand and in her left she's holding an inflatable tube. To the left of her Juralumin is holding a firework. To the right Danbo is holding a water balloon.